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Kirsten Nylandsted Klokmose

is a Danish artist and has an Art Diploma from the Art Academy in Aarhus, “Århus Kunstakademi”, in Denmark, (painting, drawing and etching and other graphical expressions).
She has made some etchings at “Atelier de Gravure Bo Halbirk” in Paris
She has been Chairman of the Association Open Doors, for artists in Aarhus 2010 – 2014

You can see the list of exhibitions at the frontpage and the Resent Posts there
Kirsten Nylandsted Klokmose has sold paintings and etchings in Denmark and abroad, f. ex. in Germany and in The Netherlands.

Kirsten Nylandsted Klokmose has an MA ( Master of Arts in German Literature and Language and in Philosophy) from the Aarhus University Denmark
In her youth she had a scholarship at Universität Bern in Switzerland
She has been senior master at VUC Aarhus, HF, “Higher Preparatory Course” for adults

Kirsten Nylandsted Klokmose is living in Aarhus, Denmark with her husband.
Their son, dauther-in-law and grandchildren are also living in the Aarhus area
Kirsten Nylandsted Klokmose and her husband have a holiday cottage on the island Fur in the “Limfjorden” in the nothern part of Jutland